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Customizable Pay Grid

Enter employee hours, earnings, leave pay, tips and other pay information into the customizable, easy-to-use pay grid.


Comprehensive reporting

MyPayCenter enables you to quickly run and print standard reports including payroll summaries, prior employee pay stubs, and customized reports to give you the information you need.


Easy-to-use Dashboard

Enter your company’s payroll in as little as three simple steps from the easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, the dashboard can be customized to specifically match your payroll and payroll-related processes to help ensure consistent completion.


Provider Compatibility

Our existing partnerships allow MyPayCenter to offer dozens of interfaces to industry-leading point of sale systems, time clocks, 401k administrators, worker’s compensation providers and more.


Employee Self Service

This is a web-based portal for clients and their employees to access pay stubs, Annual W-2s, change personal profile and W-4 information, as well as request time off. The ESS features consist of: On-line Pay Stubs This secure, Web-based service allows you and your employees to view and print current and previous pay stubs processed with Deluxe Payroll on demand, through an easy to u...