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A great payroll option for your clients. A great way to strengthen client relationships. No matter the type or size of the business, Payce by Deluxe services have an easy, affordable payroll management solution that fits your client's exact needs. We make sure payroll is accurate and on time while working in accordance with local, state and federal tax guidelines so you know they're also in compliance.

Good for Your Clients' Businesses

Over 26% of small businesses spend between 3-5 hours a month on Payroll. Over 11% spend 10+ hours each month performing those duties.* Those are valuable hours your clients could use on other priorities. By recommending a Payce by Deluxe Solution to your clients, you're helping help them:
  • Save time that could be better used on other areas of running their business
  • Reduce compliance risks such as IRS fines

Good For Your Business

In any business, relationships are an integral part of success. Your clients look to you for helpful advice on the running of your business. A recommendation of a payroll service like Payce can go a long way in cementing relationships with your clients while:
  • Giving you the option of using our software on behalf of your customers or referring them to our experts
  • Helping you outsource while still giving you control over payroll
  • Requiring no upfront fees to convert to Payce

Make the Switch

To help your small business clients save time and reduce compliance risk, refer them to a Payce by Deluxe specialist today. 866.469.6103 | * 2015 study of small business owners