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EPIC Pharmacies, Inc.

We are proud to announce that EPIC Pharmacies, Inc. has selected Payce as their Preferred Payroll Provider. This partnership enables Payce to provide significant payroll processing cost savings to all store locations throughout the EPIC chain.

Additional benefits include:

  • Local and personal presence
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative – No Automated Attendant
  • Choice of input methods – Phone, FAX, Remote Entry Software
  • Concise, easy to read management and payroll reports tailored to pharmacies.
    • Sales by Store/Location
    • Labor Distribution
    • Expense Allocation by store / location
    • Electronic New Hire Reporting
  • Extensive Inventory of Interfaces
    • Point-of-Sale
    • Time & Attendance
    • General Ledger
  • Garnishment Check Service
  • Federal & State Tax Deposits & Filings

It’s easy to start with Payce, even if you are currently using another payroll provider. To find out how Payce can start saving you time and money on your payroll processing, call 800-729-5910 or email for more information or to schedule a meeting with a Payce representative. To learn more about EPIC Pharmacies, Inc.,
please click here.